Blind Man USA

We were in Mr. Porter’s apartment interviewing him about what his life was like in Liberia before the war started. His apartment was small. It had one living area connected to a kitchen, one bedroom, one bathroom, and one closet. There were two couches and two televisions in the living area. Each couch had a teddy bear resting ontop of the back rest pillows. The bears were comically welcoming. I met Mr. Porter (the man holding the phone) through my photography professor. My photography professor met him at a church. The church was the community that helped Mr. Porter’s family start a new life in the USA. He was blind when he left Africa, and blind when he arrived at O’hare airport in Chicago. He has only perceived the USA through hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching. He told me, “In 2001 my eyes went off. I now can only see a very little out of this eye,” pointing to his left eye.Mr Porter

It was in high school that she started dabbling in performing arts. They gave her the ability to create another world in our world. Another world that every day people could interact with. She is now 26 and took this picture on a recent trip to Chicago. A lost princess.

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